Work With Nicole

We are all in this together.


Start Your Online Consultancy

  • What can you do to help others during this time of uncertainty?
  • We all have special skills that we can bring forth to help others.
  • I am offering to teach others who want to create their own online consultancy (much like mine).
  • I created a program to teach you the way, so reach out to me if you are interested.
  • Connection, working with others, and working on yourself - helps you to find power and confidence.
  • Money - Freedom - Online - Helping - Wise - Sharing - Powerful
  • I will help your transform, innovate, solve problems, and create programs that support your business' needs. Focusing on values, people, and strategy.
  • Training generations. Coaching leaders.
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Unleash Your Speech

  • “There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars”. - Mark Twain
  • Designed to develop sustainable communication skills no matter what the situation. People will see you differently after you have gone through this course and you will be able to deliver clearer, inspiring, and powerful communications.
  • Maybe you have a speech to deliver soon, lead an important meeting, or you just want to be seen as a leader that people follow and believe in you and your ideas.
  • We will focus on:
  • • Voice, Energy, and Body Language – Practice to improve your voice, tone, and pitch and to make sure you are open, welcoming, and confident.
  • • Appearance and Style – Visual cues are the first things we take in, and first impressions count!
  • • Energy and Vibe –Your energy has to be authentic or others will not believe or follow you.
  • • Empathy and the Audience – Show vulnerability, listen for 'the gold'. Rely on your intuition, read the audience, and be able to feel the mood of the crowd, and be present (there are living people out there in the room).
  • • Eight sessions virtually and/or in-person with me.
  • "All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." - Ralph W. Emerson
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