Nicole provides public speaking coaching for individuals in and out of corporations. In addition, she teaches public speaking at BMCC and Magnet Theatre. 

Your program will be custom designed to help you communicate authentically and powerfully no matter what the setting or situation. It could be to overcome your fear of large audiences, speaking in meetings, or leading small groups as a department head or manager. Your ability to express yourself is the key to your success and will help you move on to the next development stage of your life and career.

The possible concepts to work on include speech writing, presentation slides, voice, gestures, anxiety reduction, projection, crowd scanning, confidence building, nervous habits, presentations, personal style, energy, winning the audience, storytelling, polishing your delivery, having fun – and much more.

There may be other practices such as audio/video recording (upon your permission), mirroring, singing, acting/improv techniques and journaling as part of the program.

Contact Nicole today via 917-960-9922 or for a free consult on how to get started.

She works with clients in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Your choice.