*Popular Courses*

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Public Speaking

  • Designed to help you develop sustainable communication skills no matter what the situation. People will see you differently after you have gone through this course and you will be able to coach others to clearer, powerful communications.
  • We will work on topics such as speech writing, anxiety reduction, projection, crowd scanning, confidence building, nervous habits, presentations, personal style, voice volume, stance, energy, winning the audience, storytelling, polishing your delivery, having fun - and much more.
  • • Eight (8) total hours of sessions virtually and in-person with me.
  • • Additional individual exercises for you to do on your own and have insights that we can review.
  • • Free open online weekly office hours for the duration of the coaching sessions

Priority Client Program

  • Going through an unexpected change: unemployment, notification of a layoff, lack of advancement, skipped over for a promotion, a ‘bad’ manager or culture? Or you have the urge to reinvent yourself, decided to seek more fulfillment in life, or feel rusty because you have been in the same place for many years?
  • Together we will work on ‘soft skills’ such as confidence, positioning, contacts, networking, upgrading your skills, early dreams when we were young, and even some daydreaming. Specific ‘hard skills’ and tools contain your unique positioning, resume, business cards, LinkedIn, practice interviewing, and possibly encourage you to blog and produce videos – depending on your career goals. Let me be your support while you grow, change, and watch create powerful and exciting things come into your life.
  • • Ten (10) total hours of flexible sessions virtually and in person with me.
  • • Free open online weekly office hours for the duration of the coaching sessions.