Growing Leaders

Earlier in my life, I was afraid of only two things: public speaking, and career change. Now I see them as a positive, the way to leadership, and I focus on these skills as part of my coaching. Life is about feeling the fear - and doing it anyway.

Also, building my consultancy taught me a lot about business. I teach business owners and coaches on how to position their business and grow.

I have an MBA from NYU in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and I am a graduate of Columbia University's Coaching Program with over seven years of experience in corporations and private clients.

My Services:

- Career Change/ Personal Branding: support career transition by uncovering your unique story; focus is on positioning and using LinkedIn/Resume powerfully
- Strategic Business / Storytelling: assist you for your small business or startup to tell your unique and powerful story through a strategic business plan. I will also train to you how to pitch and present your story to gain customers, capital, and investors.
- Public Speaking: coach private sessions, train in corporations, and teach in schools - to overcome the fear of public speaking

I am also a practitioner at helping young adults who are in therapy achieve newfound success in everyday life. I guide them to create and practice goals to move their life forward powerfully.

Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking Speaking. Department of Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts at BMCC (CUNY). Known by my students as the Professor that danced the Moonwalk in class (see video below).

A coach for coaches and practitioners.

Also known as the

Growing Leaders