NYC-based consultant owns her personal brand online

Nicole Rousseau isn’t afraid to admit it: she loves millennials. After starting her Big Apple career in marketing, she moved into corporate training and leadership development, specializing in working with recent grads. Before long, her trainees were referring to her as “Queen of the Millennials.” The nickname stuck.

“I love millennials and helping other generations work with them.” ~ Nicole Rousseau, Queen of the Millennials

Today, Nicole operates Queen of the Millennials, her own millennial training and coaching business, as well as a broader consultancy called Coachable Solutions.

“I ran a millennial talent program at HSBC, and I immediately loved the values of the millennials,” explains Nicole. “I created a graduate program for them, I assessed and hired them, I was their manager, created their curriculum, and coached them diligently for 30 hours per month. I also became an educator on millennials for the company, as the new hires were such a contrast to Gen X and Boomers.”

Striking out on her own

A fellow coach helped Nicole see the untapped opportunity for millennial coaching and training in New York City and beyond. Her peer felt unequipped to advise parents who were seeking advice about how to support their millennial sons and daughters entering the workforce. But Nicole had the perfect background to guide young professionals, their parents and their employers. She says:

“I always say people forget what it was like to be young.”


Nicole’s resume includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Smith College, an MBA from New York University and a coaching certificate from Columbia University. She also has a wealth of real-world experience in corporate environments, schools and working one-on-one with private clients. Her diverse background lines up nicely with her target audience.

She notes, “My audience includes a wide group from millennials seeking leadership development or career transition coaching, to parents or managers of millennials, to corporations and organizations that need help navigating the multiple generations in the workforce.”

Building a personal brand online

To launch Queen of the Millennials online, Nicole turned to GoDaddy. She bought her domain,, and started using the new GoCentral Website Builder. It only took her about 30 minutes to create her new website — a modern, mobile-friendly site that reflects her energetic personality.

Nicole continues to add new content to her site. “I’m just getting started,” she says. “I need help, but GoDaddy put me on the map and made my dreams into reality. I would like to find a social media company to help me produce my content in a studio and send it out.”

She also uses professional email and a SmartLine virtual phone number. She also plans to add eCommerce capability so clients can buy coaching packages from her directly. She admits, “As a startup, you have to do it all. I have been happy with GoDaddy being patient with my calls over the years on everything.”

Finding new business

Nicole’s business philosophy is to listen to the marketplace — her potential customers — and fill their needs by tapping into her own expertise. The best part? She really loves the work, which makes it a lot easier to sell her services.

“My business model has been to offer a free consultation and then sell coaching packages,” explains Nicole. “I want to start developing videos or public speaking sessions on the issues that all families, students, managers and workers are dealing with in this cross-generation environment. That will give them a sense of how I can help, and maybe they would be ready to engage.”

With video, Nicole hopes to convey some of her top strengths, including her presence as a teacher and coach. She also prides herself in being open, non-judgmental and patient — qualities that appeal to potential clients.

Sharing tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Nicole has some advice for others who are contemplating entrepreneurship. “Save some money and go for it,” she says. “I waited a long time to break away and do something for myself. I was just too afraid.” Nicole had been laid off multiple times in her career, and it made her realize how much she wanted to break out on her own and have the freedom to really express herself with her work.

“The best job security is being able to be strong on your own with a marketable product 

or service,” she says.

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