How to Survive a Scary Career Change.

I have now become the guide.

As a prologue, maybe I should give you a background as why I am a Career Coach today and an expert on this topic. So hold on to your hat now. The reason why is - that I have gone through it all!

I have worked my entire life starting in high school and in college. I've quit a bad job with no backup to travel and have worked in multiple part-time jobs at the same time. Five companies fell out from under me and left me on the street: I have been laid off four times and lost had an lucrative job before I could sign the papers. On the way walking over to sign the papers they called me and said they were eliminating the role. Then I started working in 'stable' corporate jobs, and during that 15 years I was laid off four times because of the economy, mergers, greed, etc. At times I had low salaries, no promotions, treated terribly, horrible and toxic colleagues, and mean managers that made my life h*ll. And I'm sure you have too.

After my last layoff I created a business for myself that has ups and down and I love it. I also teach part time in schools. And I know that more changes are to come. That's why I do this work and support my clients through all of their transitions in career and life.

Read below the wisdom I found to find some fun and freedom while going through a life or career change. Giddy-up!

1. You Learn That Career Change Is Constant!

Career Change is constant and normal. On average people experience career change over five times in their working life - so welcome to the club! Almost everyone you know has had a layoff and at least once job change in their working life.

Try not to make yourself feel guilty, helpless, scared, worried, bad, wrong, or irresponsible. Let go of .. "What did I do wrong, What did I do to deserve this?"

I would say the opposite, you do deserve this: time off, soul searching, seeking fun and hobbies, spending more time with your dog or family and more. Believe me, this is a great time of growth!

2. You Have Time to Connect with Others

Often when we are in a corporation we get cozy and complacent. We stop networking and forget that there are other people, jobs, business, and companies out there. And we lose track of the market and our contacts by staying so insular in one company/industry/location.

There is a saying, '"Your Network is your NetWorth", meaning the more connections you have tended to, will be the way to your next awesome destination. Now you have time to go out there and meet people and connect with your present and future contacts in the workplace.

LinkedIn, events, emails, referrals, groups, the gym, classes, MeetUp - whatever gets you out there to connect. Connect with 500 - 1,000 connections on your LinkedIn. Work with me on your positioning and personal brand before you go out and network and tell your 'story'.

Positioning is my speciality! Set up a free 30 min consult to learn more:

3. You Are Set Free!

YESS!! How many times in your working life have you not been happy and had no idea how to get out of this job or corporation? Well you just got a free pass, no guilt, no regret, no second guessing - you are scot-free! It might take time to feel comfortable with no working responsibilities, but enjoy that space to cool off. 

And in most cases, they give you money to leave! You are paid to look for your new job or career. Invest it wisely into you, your professional development, have a rest, and work towards your next career.

Maybe you do volunteer work, purge your house, take singing classes, move to another location, do improv classes, go back to school, rescue a dog or cat, color your hair purple - whatever you want. 

Get in touch with your inner wants and wisdom! You are now the BOSS of your own life.

4. It's Time to Analyze and Explore YOU (instead of a 20 page spreadsheet)

After you have compressed, connected with supporters, and have done some activities that make you happy and free - focus on you. Maybe you have worked so hard, raised a family, or gave it your all - but never really looked into yourself and learned what you want to do.

This is something that I can help you with - finding you and your new life and path in career. I can uniquely listen to you, and through some exercises, I can often "hear your path or next career" based on you and your particular skills, passions, and beliefs. We will find YOU! Free consult found here:

5. It's Time to Get Extroverted (even if you are an Introvert)

I am an introvert, so don't worry 'my people' you can do it too - just for a short time.

After a layoff or a business going bust, you might feel like hiding under your bed for months. You might feel humiliated or sensitive to what happened and you don't want to tell anyone, because you don't know what to say and feel too sensitive to hear other comments or well intended 'advice'. So you become a turtle or a ghost.

Just remember everyone has gone through this stage.

After you do some soul searching with yourself, a coach, or trusted friends and family, you might feel more confident to share your new passion and path. Once you know what you are good at and what why you want to do, you have to tell EVERYONE!

Get in touch with old friends, new friends, contacts, groups, and events that you haven't had time to go and experience. Talk to "strangers'' too (btw strangers are friends and contacts that you don't yet).

The more you share your vision of your new life and have the story to prove it - the more people can help you. You will find that people are very generous and want to help, especially the ones that love and respect you. People want to help as chances are they have gone through this same situation many times. And they are rooting for you, just as I am.

Continuously share your story and what you want for your next job or career!

6. Gives You Time to Focus on Well-Being - ahhh

YOU are the most important person in this scenario! Focus on you. Burnout, laid off, culture clash is a signal, that something is off and you need to focus on it. Be a Well Being.

Your wellbeing is all you really have to be able to support the people (and animals) you love - now and in the future. If you have been missing the gym, not eating well, not resting, or not taking downtime - now is the time to do it and make it a new, wellness habit for your life.

Cherish yourself as you would a loved one. You deserve it and it will serve you well. The more you put into you, the more you can give to others. Go on that diet, get strong, learn meditation, take the dog on long walks, early to bed/ early to rise, see the sunrise, see the stars, go camping, volunteer to a cause that you are passionate about, read books, learn to play guitar, sing, and more. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Those are thing I have done - allow yourself to do what you need/want to recharge, be focused. and purposeful. No guilt, do not criticize yourself and make yourself "wrong". Just know that you WILL get another job, it just takes time.

This break is the time where we really want you to put all your energy into making you 'your best self'. Taking caring of you also helps your loved ones around you, as they will see how much you are nourishing and investing in you to get yourself to the next, right destination. It will inspire them and others.

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