Coach Rousseau Speaks!

My mission is to ‘disappear your fear’ when facing public speaking and career change. I understand the challenges clients face as I went through them myself. For most of my life, I struggled with public speaking, but then I created a model to overcome it- and it worked. I believe that anyone  too can find ease and fun in their communications. I also have had a total of seven career changes riding the wave of the marketplace's ups and downs and driving my own destiny. I believe that reinvention is the best medicine, and the ability to learn and change will the be the ‘job security of the future’.

My joy now is to help other people. I believe that working with the guidance of a coach leads to tremendous growth, confidence, and more options for your future. Clients who have worked with me have experienced higher states such as freedom, happiness, confidence, more money, job satisfaction, and improved relationships.

Where do you see your company in the next 5-10 years? What's the dream?

Growing my company to hire and train new coaches to go out in the world and help more people. I would like to create Public Speaking retreats to spend the time to do intensive work with people who have a fear of public speaking or expressing themselves.

What are the key differentiated features of your product or service? How different is it from the original version and what did you learn in the process?

I started with generic leadership development coaching because that was my previous corporate work, but it was too general.  I hid the story of my struggles in public speaking and career change because I erroneously thought that coaches had to appear strong and confident. But it was not authentic, and it really didn't give me any excitement or edge in my practice.  I felt lit up when I worked with people with fear of public speaking and career change, and I was able to contribute a lot to my clients. It felt like I was set free and all those past challenges had a purpose.

How important is having a strong network? Who is your mentor? How did you go about getting them to mentor you?

My network is broad and wide, from my mother to the executive coach from Australia that just connected me today.  You never know how someone can help you, by giving feedback, cheering you on, or offering client referrals.  Owning your own business can be lonely, but my network, mentors, and even clients contribute to me and keep me from feeling alone. I have a few mentors, one is an exceptional coach who has been doing this for 30 years, she gives me the long-game perspective, another are the junior executives that I hired, coached, and trained in my corporate work. They knew me before I had my business, so they keep me grounded, yet inspired. Hearing directly from Millennials' point of view, really keeps me stay current.  Lastly, I just connected with Divine Asset Management, through winning a contest, and they are helping me with an overall business assessment. Moral of the story is that mentoring can come from anywhere and can help evolve you and your business.

Why do you do what you do? What made you start? What keeps you going?

Driving my own ideas and having freedom is what keeps me going.  Freedom does not mean less work, it sometimes means more! I love that I can use my whole self: skills, intuition, creativity, dreams, theories, and other things that come naturally to me. I am working harder than I did in corporations, but the work feels like I'm not working at all.

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