Leadership Development in a Millennial World

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Nicole is a trusted advisor, outside perspective, cheerleader, big picture thinker, and an insight revealer.

There are many ways to get started, just choose the package that is best for you. She can even create a custom package for your needs. Invite her in to solve your company or group’s challenges. Or consider hiring Nicole as an influencer at your next big event.

About Nicole

Nicole Rousseau is passionate about leadership development. If you are uncertain about how to shift from a career to a calling - she will help you. "Nicole does more than help you find your career - she will help you find YOU"!

Creative, intuitive, and nurturing coach. Awarded LinkedIn ProFinder ‘Best Career Coach’ in 2016 and 2017. 

She understands the challenges you face as she went through them herself. Nicole struggled finding herself and her purpose, had difficulty with public speaking, and many career changes because of the market. Through these experiences, she learned how to face her fears and make it a strength. And you can too. Her clients and employees have experienced freedom, happiness, confidence, more money, higher job satisfaction, and improved relationships. See Testimonials.

The ability to learn and change will the be the ‘job security of the future’. No one knows this concept better than the Millennial generation! As QueenoftheMillennials.com, she has a track record of proven methodologies inside companies when hiring, coaching, and managing Millennials. She has also has experience in cultivating high performing teams through coaching, team projects, and facilitating offsite business cases. Through her expertise in designing, creating, and leading graduate talent programs, she has coached many trainees, managers, and executives to have greater understanding of the power of Millennials.

Degrees, Courses, and Experience:
  • Columbia University's Coaching Certification Program 2011
  • MBA, NYU Stern and B.S. Psychology, Smith College.
  • Skilled in Leadership Development, Marketing/Branding, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Teaches Public Speaking at CUNY and Magnet Theatre.
  • Passionate about Millennials and intergenerational needs in a changing workforce as she speaks Millennese!
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt.
  • US and EU Citizen.
  • Awarded Best Career Coach by LinkedIn ProFinder, 2016 and 2017.
  • Acting and Improvisation Graduate, Magnet Theatre Course
  • Public Speaking Classes, Toastmasters International
  • Completed SPHR Course (For HR professionals)
  • Completed Vedic Meditation Course with Light Watkins

Serving you wherever you are. In person, over the phone, or via Skype. Your choice.

Set up a free 30 min consult here: https://calendly.com/coachrousseau
About Nicole

From Teen Coach to Leadership Coach

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Kevin Dang, PharmD:Pharmacist, Hahnemann University Hospital

If you are uncertain about how to shift your career, whether horizontally or vertically, I recommend asking Nicole. She'll do more than help you find your career. She'll help you find you.

Max Pshenichnikov:Owner, CodeComrade

Thank you, Nicole, for the incredible transformational coaching. I enjoyed our calls and the insights, which helped me to transform my very broad cross-functional vision into a short pitch that clicks. The outcome of our teamwork turned into something I would never have expected. Thanks to you what I have now is a high-level work, appreciative clients, no fear, and financial profits I had ever deserved. It's a total difference compared to when I was just a hired person living paycheck to paycheck. I can't remember any other period in my life where my lifestyle and business were better. In the beginning, you said that some magic would happen during our time, and it certainly did. Now I am ready to a whole new range of challenges and I want to thank you from all of my heart.

E.B. Moss:Owner, Moss Appeal

While LinkedIn doesn't have a category for "Inspiration" there should be one for Nicole Rousseau. Her efforts to bring HSBC's sustainable message to the masses was truly inspiring and her case study presentation with Jacquie Ottman was compelling. Great to see smart people acting smart about the environment and making a difference.

Christopher Swan:Senior Vice President, Allied World Reinsurance Company

Nicole's public speaking coaching was extremely helpful. Over ten sessions, she greatly improved my presentation slides and my ability to deliver them in front of my company's executives. Nicole's advice was all very practical and relatable; she quickly diagnosed what was holding me back and created a plan that worked for me. I highly recommend her!

Elina Khaymovich:Vice President Marketing Strategy, Wells Fargo

Nicole was an influential manager and role model during my time as one of 28 Trainees in the Graduate Development Program. We were the first class to go through a completely new model of the program that Nicole developed to align with the needs of both the organization and entry level talent in the industry. The program not only exposed us to a variety of departments which grew our business knowledge, but also had a unique focus on leadership skills and ongoing development. Nicole consistently provided new opportunities for Trainees to learn and grow in a safe environment that would challenge us and be beneficial in our careers. Her coaching and developmental skills were such that I learned and grew more in just 16 months than in many of my other experiences combined. Nicole was able to manage a large group of entry level employees across the country with very different interests and personalities by standing firm to the vision and strategy of the program while being open to feedback and improvements that would better suit the Trainees and the Business. Her ability to develop such a strong program made HSBC a competitive employer for entry level talent and was apparent by both the backgrounds of the classes that she hired and the significant growth in the retention of Trainees.

Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D.:Professor, Santa Clara University

I am grateful for the opportunity to consult with Nicole Rousseau in preparation for my TEDx talk. I was impressed that before our initial conversation she had researched my previous speeches online and had some helpful feedback for me from the start. During our Skype sessions, she was able to zone in on the areas that I had not fully flushed out, needed emphasis, or were not clear. Also, she helped me appreciate the art and theater of delivering an engaging speech by using voice, energy, movement, storytelling, humor, and gestures to get the message across. Overall her concepts and methods sharpened my presentation and enabled me to deliver a clear and meaningful message. I feel grateful to have worked with her and give her my highest recommendation.

Frank Marquardt:Content Strategy Director, Facebook

Interviewing Nicole for a career guide was wonderful--she was generous with her time, an articulate and insightful interviewee, a passionate advocate for green business, and thoroughly knowledgeable about trends in the marketplace.

Creating Leaders

Nicole's personal message:

I believe that everyone can be a leader.
All good leaders have developed their soft skills along with their technical skills. When working with people the goal is to always contribute to other employees or team members and strive to have positive interactions. Learning this skill about yourself and others can become easy when working with a leadership development coach.

Development Services for Leaders and Future Leaders:
- Communication Skills: Present your unique and powerful ideas in a pitch and present your ideas for success in and our of corporations.
- Public Speaking: Private or group sessions to train you and help you find your voice.
- Career Change through Transformation: Uncover your unique story and get hired! Focus is on positioning via LinkedIn/Resume powerfully, designing your tools, and matching you with potential jobs and companies.
- Strategic Business / Storytelling: Evaluating business plans, positioning, marketing, finding a niche, and share your story.
 - Millennial Mindset: Learn to understand Millennials and harness their energy to transform your business by me, The Queen of the Millennials. See more: queenofthemillennials.com

Set up a free 30 min consult here: calendly.com/coachrousseau

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Creating Leaders


20% Off On All Packages!


Transform Your Speaking

  • Designed to help you develop sustainable communication skills no matter what the situation. People will see you differently after you have gone through this course and you will be able to coach others to clearer, powerful communications.
  • We will work on topics such as speech writing, anxiety reduction, projection, crowd scanning, confidence building, nervous habits, presentations, personal style, voice volume, stance, energy, winning the audience, storytelling, polishing your delivery, having fun - and much more.
  • • Five (6) total hours of sessions virtually and in-person with me.
  • • Additional individual exercises for you to do on your own and have insights that we can review.
  • • Free open online weekly office hours for the duration of the coaching sessions

Millennial Mindset

  • Transform your business by understanding Millennials and harnessing their energy!
  • Nicole will help you cooperate, innovate, solve problems, and create programs that support your business needs. She focuses on values, people, and strategy. She celebrates and fosters the power and differences of all the generations, by 'translating' and finding common ground. Once there is understanding and all feel as part of the process, that's when the magic begins; where we can work together and learn from each other. Having a culture that values inquiry, openness, and innovation is the business of the future. Through her expertise in designing, creating, and leading graduate talent programs, she has coached many trainees, managers, and executives to have greater understanding of the power of Millennials.


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Queen of the Millennials

Nicole Rousseau isn’t afraid to admit it: she loves millennials. After starting her Big Apple career in marketing, she moved into corporate training and leadership development, specializing in working with recent grads. Before long, her trainees were referring to her as “Queen of the Millennials.” The nickname stuck.

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