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Leadership Development in a Millennial World

My clients have experienced freedom, happiness, confidence, more money, higher job satisfaction, and improved relationships.

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About Nicole

I coach Leadership Development and Personal Growth focused on Career Counseling and Public Speaking.

I understand the challenges you face as I went through them myself.  I struggled finding myself and my purpose, had difficulty with public speaking, and many career changes. Through these experiences, I learned how to face my fears and make it a strength. And you can too. 

I have proven methodologies for companies when hiring, coaching, and managing Millennials via QueenoftheMillennials.com. Through my expertise in designing, creating, and managing graduate talent programs, I have coached leadership to over 60+ trainees and their managers.

I will help you define your strategic purpose, create programs, and help hire and manage employees that support your business needs and people strategy. I also have experience in cultivating high performing teams through facilitating business cases and team building offsites.

Clients have experienced freedom, happiness, confidence, more money, higher job satisfaction, and improved relationships. See Clients' Results.

The ability to learn and change IS the ‘job security of the future’.



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About Nicole

From Teen Coach to Leadership Coach

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- QueenoftheMillennials.com: Leadership Development in a Millennial World
Passionate about Millennials and intergenerational needs in a changing workforce. Nicole has worked privately and in corporations, coaching college students, management trainees, managers, and executive leaders.

- Career Counseling: Uncover your unique story to arrive at your dream job. 
Positioning you on LinkedIn, resume, and interviews powerfully. Coaching leaders to develop their soft skills along with their technical skills. Designing your tools and matching you with potential jobs, contacts, and companies.

- Public Speaking Training: Find your voice and confidence, breakthrough your fear.
People will see you differently after you have gone through this course and you will become clear and powerful in your communication.

Queen's address: QueenoftheMillennials.com

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Public Speaking

  • Designed to help you develop sustainable communication skills no matter what the situation. People will see you differently after you have gone through this course and you will be able to coach others to clearer, powerful communications.
  • We will work on topics such as speech writing, anxiety reduction, projection, crowd scanning, confidence building, nervous habits, presentations, personal style, voice volume, stance, energy, winning the audience, storytelling, polishing your delivery, having fun - and much more.
  • • Eight (8) total hours of sessions virtually and in-person with me.
  • • Additional individual exercises for you to do on your own and have insights that we can review.
  • • Free open online weekly office hours for the duration of the coaching sessions

Priority Client Program

  • Going through an unexpected change: unemployment, notification of a layoff, lack of advancement, skipped over for a promotion, a ‘bad’ manager or culture? Or you have the urge to reinvent yourself, decided to seek more fulfillment in life, or feel rusty because you have been in the same place for many years?
  • Together we will work on ‘soft skills’ such as confidence, positioning, contacts, networking, upgrading your skills, early dreams when we were young, and even some daydreaming. Specific ‘hard skills’ and tools contain your unique positioning, resume, business cards, LinkedIn, practice interviewing, and possibly encourage you to blog and produce videos – depending on your career goals. Let me be your support while you grow, change, and watch create powerful and exciting things come into your life.
  • • Ten (10) total hours of flexible sessions virtually and in person with me.
  • • Free open online weekly office hours for the duration of the coaching sessions.

Clients' Results


Career Change

  • I am starting a new group class coaching for Career Change, it will be offered through Zoom, live and recorded. It's my first endeavor into group class, so the first one will be low cost, high value! And you will help shape it with your input.
  • It's good for career changers and for even those in a job they love. Life is lifelong learning. Think and learn like a Millennial.


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My mission is to ‘disappear your fear’ when facing public speaking and career change.

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  • 99 Wall Street, New York, NY, USA
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